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  • Welcoming AAD to Washington, D.C.

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
    We’re excited to welcome the 2019 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting to Washington, D.C. this week. As AAD comes to town, we wanted to offer a few recommendations from our D.C. staff. UCB’s D.C. office focuses on public policy with colleagues in advocacy, policy, public affairs, and regulatory.

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  • It’s Not Because It’s ‘Rare’ that We Care

    For International Rare Disease Day, our Global Head of the Rozimab Mission, Chris Clark, shares insights about how UCB is leveraging and growing our capabilities to deliver value for specific patient populations new to UCB. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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  • Our Innovation Journey: From Patient to Science to Solution

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
    With Innovation Day upcoming on February 17, we’re highlighting our approach to innovation, what we call at UCB the “patient-science-solution” model. Everything we do starts and ends with what patients value, but it is a continuous journey. Starting with the patient – we listen to their experiences, what they value, their needs, and keep them at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Volunteerism Amplifies Our Mission

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs

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  • How the Big Game in Atlanta Inspires UCB’s Game Plan

    With an estimated 75,000 people coming to Atlanta for the Big Game and over 100 million tuning in to watch it, Duane Barnes, former college football player and UCB’s President, Head of U.S. Operations talks about how having the game in our backyard helps us to reflect on our game plan to deliver wins for patients. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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  • Patients Propel Scientific Discovery

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
    Patients are at the heart of everything we do, inspiring us, driving our scientific discovery, and focusing us on what patients value. At UCB, we want to help people live their best lives, whatever that means for them. So, every day, we come together to work, laser-focused, on a simple question: How will this create value for people living with severe diseases?

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  • Growing our Footprint in Boston and Seattle

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
    In 2019, we look forward to continuing our journey to grow our impact. Our future has never been brighter and the opportunities to provide patients with solutions they value has never been more urgent. By fulfilling our commitment, driving innovation, and providing patients a meaningful experience, solutions are on the horizon to help more patients managing severe diseases live their best lives.

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  • UCB Hosts Patients to Share the Art of Advocacy

    Posted by Becky Malone, Engagement and Communications Specialist
    In September, our Raleigh-Durham office hosted their first Art of Advocacy event, which explored how art can be used as a platform for advocacy. The event showcased three artists, from across the U.S., living with a chronic illness, who use art as a medium to cope, spread awareness, and encourage others. We invite you to meet them and learn more about their stories below.

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  • UCB-UNC-Duke Neurology Clinical Development Program

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs

    (Left to Right) Dr. Michael Markowitz (UCB), Dr. Shruti Raja, and Dr. Robert Dupuis (UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy)

    An important part of the drug development continuum is ensuring trained specialists are engaged through discovery, development, and delivery. Neurotherapeutics, or treatment of disorders of the nervous system, is a research area with a limited number of highly trained neurologists working in drug development. To help fill this gap, the UCB-UNC-Duke Neurology Clinical Development Fellowship program was developed for board certified neurologists seeking further training in neurology drug development.

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  • Approach to big data and machine learning presented at AES

    Posted by Allyson Funk, Head of U.S. Communications and Public Relations
    This weekend at the 2018 American Epilepsy Society Meeting (AES) in New Orleans, Louisiana we are highlighting UCB’s commitment to delivering patient value through innovative solutions designed to help ensure the right treatments and care reach patients living with severe diseases.

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