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Welcome to UCB in the United States

About UCB in the U.S.

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on severe diseases that have significant unmet needs. By putting patients at the heart of everything we do, we enable people to live their best lives, delivering impactful solutions patients value.

At UCB, we come together every day to work, laser-focused, on a simple question: How will this create value for people living with severe diseases? Patient value is not just what we say, but how we live. It is our culture of care, embodied by our patient value strategy. That’s because how we do business – from discovery to development to delivery – has been transformed and redesigned around the patient and their individual experience. Patients are at the heart of everything we do, inspiring us, driving our scientific discovery, and leading us to rethink the patient experience. By fulfilling our commitment, driving innovation, and providing patients a meaningful experience, more impactful solutions are on the horizon.

UCB is committed to communicating science simply, bridging provider and patient connectivity, and engaging authentically with the dermatology community. In our 90-plus-year history, we have developed breakthrough medicines for neurological and immunological conditions.

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“How will this create value for people living with severe diseases?”

We are excited to get to know you, too, and determine where our passions for moving dermatology forward intersect.

About UCB in Dermatology

We are committed to dermatology

We are pursuing pioneering research to deliver innovative solutions to improve the lives of those living with chronic conditions.



We celebrate people like you who share our commitment to advancing the discussion, understanding, and treatment of immuno-dermatological conditions.

Rhonda Peebles, Head of US Dermatology

Patients are our reason for being

We go beyond the science to provide an exceptional patient experience for people with immuno-dermatological disease, whether they seek product-related information, financial support, or a real connection with someone like them.




Our history of transforming science into health-changing treatment solutions that improve patients’ lives is something I’m extremely proud of.

Camille Lee, Head of US Immunology

We pride ourselves in patient-centered research

~25% of our revenue is reinvested every year in research and development to find solutions for unmet patient needs.



Our approach—from discovery to development to delivery—is continuously transformed and designed around patient needs and their journey.

Tae Oh, Medical Affairs Lead, Dermatology

Let’s talk about you

We are committed to the dermatology community and strive to partner with and support you in meaningful ways. We look forward to getting to know you, learn from you, and listen to your needs and those of your patients and colleagues to truly make an impact.

A strong foundation

Learn more about the scientific breakthroughs, treatment advances, and partnerships that demonstrate and affirm UCB’s continued ambition to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases.