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Moments that Matter to People Living with Severe Diseases


We are unwavering in our purpose: to deliver moments that matter for people impacted by severe diseases. That’s why we continuously innovate and invest in differentiated solutions to help people achieve their own goals and live their best possible lives, now and into the future.

We make every decision with an eye to how it affects the people who put their trust in us. Our decisions matter because moments matter – and we know our decisions impact the big and little moments that are important  to patients. In speaking with patients and caregivers, they tell us they want to share those everyday moments they sometimes miss because of their disease – from cooking a meal for their family, to playing with their kids, to having a conversation. We are inspired by these patients and the ways they overcome those difficult moments in their disease journey, demonstrating empowerment and resilience.  

For us at UCB, the person, not just the disease, is at the heart of all we do, and we aim to address their needs in ways that go beyond just medicine.

These are the Moments that Matter to People Living with Severe Diseases

Moments that Matter Inspire Us at UCB