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Bold Innovation. Extraordinary Science.

Transformative solutions for severe diseases

Our approach to discovering, developing, and delivering highly differentiated medicines starts and ends with the people who need them most. From gene therapy to targeted protein degradation, advanced digital technologies and more, we’re constantly exploring better ways to help those living with severe diseases.

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What is innovation?

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Partnering for Greater Impact with Microsoft in R&D


Advancing Our Mission to Cure Epilepsy



The toughest challenges require ambitious science. Our unique Patient-Science-Solution Model emphasizes that our science must have an impact for patients, so we make medicines that are manufacturable and deliverable. This makes innovation a key part of everything we do by allowing researchers and scientists to see their work on molecules in a lab all the way through the process. It’s this approach that gives our teams the ability to uncover new ways to help those living with severe diseases.

From Patient to Science
We pursue a deep understanding of disease biology to develop an original scientific hypothesis.

From Science to Solution
We translate scientific hypotheses into discovery of innovative solutions, engaging patients in the journey.

From Solution to Patient
We strive for a unique patient experience, providing solutions with the highest possible impact.


Purpose-driven data and technology

We use cutting edge data and technology to explore scientific solutions, personalize treatments, accelerate development timelines, and improve the overall patient experience. These powerful tools are a part of our unique Digital Business Transformation, which helps us create both drug and non-drug solutions that transform scientific breakthroughs into health-changing treatments. 

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Digital business transformation in action

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The power of partnerships

We collaborate with world-renowned partners and philanthropic opportunities to make the right strategic decisions and deliver for people impacted by severe diseases. Our strong relationships with patients, caregivers, and communities connect us, so we can  listen to their voices and make sure their needs are being served. 



Inside our pipeline

Our robust pipeline spans immunological and neurological diseases, with esearchers and our global R&D network building groundbreaking, constantly- evolving scientific platforms. 

Our pipeline


Diversity in clinical trials

Diversity and inclusion in clinical trials is critical, and UCB is working to find new ways to connect to unique patient populations and communities to address health equity disparities. For information on U.S. trials including information on disease area, study type, location, contact information, and recruitment status, visit ClinicalTrials.gov.


To better reflect the intended population for our treatments, we know how vital it is to close the gap in clinical trial diversity and ensure all people are represented.

We work to improve representation in clinical trials by engaging with a wide variety of communities and developing clinical trials with infrastructure that addresses health disparities. We also proudly support PhRMA’s clinical trial diversity principles. 

A deep look at diversity in clinical trials

Improving clinical trial representation


Bright minds changing lives

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our global and diverse community of employees represent some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts working on severe diseases. We’re proud to support their efforts with state-of-the-art research institutions and flexible working solutions. Together, we pursue health changing solutions for severe diseases and deliver moments that matter.