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Welcome to UCB in the United States

Groundbreaking Research & Development


Working with a global network that’s inspired by patients and driven by science, our U.S. research and development teams pursue transformative solutions.


Delivering moments that matter 

We envision a future where we move from symptomatic treatments to disease modification and, eventually, a cure for severe diseases. U.S. R&D is part of our global work in disease areas where we have deep expertise:

UCB is on a mission to cure epilepsy, approaching a 30-year history of providing real, impactful, and life-improving solutions to patients. Our diverse pipeline of treatment approaches and patient support includes pursing multiple MOAs to address the disease’s conditions with different research modalities

Our extensive research of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases explores new populations with unmet need and novel solutions for hard-to-treat conditions. To change the future of immunology care withing the next decade, we’re also using trailblazing research approaches to move from symptomatic treatment to disease modification and, eventually, cures.

Rare Disease:
When it comes to rare disease treatments, one size does not fit all. We focus on solving the challenge of lived experiences for individual patients living with rare neurological immunological diseases and developing tailored solutions for people where current options offer little hope.


R&D in the United States

Our national R&D sites serve as both key hubs as well as satellite locations for our global research and clinical studies.

Research hub and satellite sites

Boston, Massachusetts

UCB’s Boston Research & Development Hub works on new platforms and projects across several disease areas. These R&D facilities span 94,000 square feet in Bedford and Cambridge, with more than 125 employees working in a variety of roles.

Durham, North Carolina

Our satellite location in downtown Durham focuses on understanding complex disease mechanism to potentially develop more impactful and better targeted therapies. This lab offers 5,000 square feet of research capability and is home to Element Genomics, which UCB acquired in 2018.

Seattle, Washington

With over 13,000 square feet of lab space, our satellite in the Pacific Northwest focuses on discovering new medicines and groundbreaking therapies, structural biology, and molecular biology.

U.S. clinical development sites

The Research Triangle Park (RTP) UCB office in Raleigh, North Carolina is the global leader of our entire worldwide clinical development program. The teams here design and inform studies that aim to provide the best experience for participants, investigators, and contract research organizations. This work delivers the direction of all our clinical study strategies and structures around the world. Boston also serves as a clinical development site supporting our global R&D ecosystem.


Inside our pipeline

Our robust pipeline spans immunological and neurological diseases, with esearchers and our global R&D network building groundbreaking, constantly- evolving scientific platforms. 

Our pipeline

Diversity in clinical trials

Diversity and inclusion in clinical trials is critical, and UCB is working to find new ways to connect to unique patient populations and communities to address health equity disparities. For information on U.S. trials including information on disease area, study type, location, contact information, and recruitment status, visit ClinicalTrials.gov.


To better reflect the intended population for our treatments, we know how vital it is to close the gap in clinical trial diversity and ensure all people are represented.

We work to improve representation in clinical trials by engaging with a wide variety of communities and developing clinical trials with infrastructure that addresses health disparities. We also proudly support PhRMA’s clinical trial diversity principles. 

A deep look at diversity in clinical trials

Improving clinical trial representation

Bright minds changing lives

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our global and diverse community of employees represent some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts working on severe diseases. We’re proud to support their efforts with state-of-the-art research institutions and flexible working solutions. Together, we pursue health changing solutions for severe diseases and deliver moments that matter.