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U.S. PharmD Fellowships


UCB, in collaboration with the Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO), offers two-year fellowship programs with the opportunity to learn and gain experience within the biopharmaceutical industry under the mentorship of experienced preceptors:

  • Global Regulatory Affairs

  • Patient Safety

The fellowships at UCB offers a unique opportunity to work in an environment that is patient-focused, creative, flexible, and agile, with an exciting and promising pipeline. 


Global Regulatory Affairs (GRA) PharmD Fellowship Program

The Global Regulatory Affairs was established in 2017 with a vision to grow top regulatory talent for the future. The fellowship, a collaboration with the Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO), is a 2-year rotational program located at UCB’s Atlanta campus, which is in the suburb of Smyrna. The rotations through the various sub-functions of Regulatory Affairs aim to provide the Fellows with the depth and breadth of experience with all aspects of Regulatory Affairs. The Fellows will also have an opportunity for a four-month elective rotation in an area outside of Regulatory to gain additional insights from the outside in. During the rotations in Regulatory Affairs, the Fellows will be assigned to work with the Regulatory Science Lead for one or more compounds, including pipeline and marketed products, ensuring that the chosen project will provide the greatest learning opportunity and exposure to FDA and other global regulatory health authorities.



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Fellowship Preceptors

"The UCB GRA Fellowship has been built to provide fellows with a unique global regulatory experience – one that establishes a strong foundation in regulatory knowledge coupled with the autonomy to tailor the program to the fellows’ interests. With the support and mentorship of executive leadership and seasoned regulatory professionals across UCB and IPhO, the program positions fellows on the path to a successful career in global regulatory affairs."

- Iram Hasan, Regulatory Scientist, UCB Fellowship Program Director

1st Year Fellow

"The UCB fellowship program offers one of the best environments to grow as a fellow. The rotational aspect to the fellowship allows the fellow to gain expertise in all areas pertaining to regulatory affairs as they simultaneously build the crucial understanding of regulatory strategy on a global level. In my short time at UCB, I have already appreciated the company’s integration of me into their family, and I am extremely satisfied knowing this is the ideal program to grow into a seasoned industry professional."
- Nicolas James

2nd Year Fellow

"In the past year the UCB Global Regulatory Affairs Fellowship has offered me a well-rounded experience across various disciplines within Regulatory Affairs. I work hand in hand with passionate industry leaders to push innovation, science and medicine forward while putting patient value at the center of all we do. The UCB fellowship has and will continue to foster a challenging and encouraging environment that has allowed me to grow my regulatory expertise and develop professionally."
- Howraa Alasker

Patient Safety

The Patient Safety Fellowship is a 2-year program located at the U.S. Headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) or Research Triangle Park in Durham-Raleigh, North Carolina. Although the role is U.S. based, the safety fellow will interact with cross-functional global teams for exposure to global safety strategies.

The fellowship will include rotations within the various sub-functions of Patient Safety, with the additional
opportunity for a four-month elective rotation in an area outside of safety prior to completing the fellowship. These rotations will provide the safety fellow with ample opportunity for exposure to and experience with all aspects of patient safety. The final four months of the fellowship will allow the safety fellow to choose a specific rotation (e.g. Clinical Development), to gain additional insights from the outside in.


How to Apply

The fellowship positions may only be applied for through the IPhO FellowMatch service:

A letter of intent and CV should be submitted through the FellowMatch portal. Two letters of recommendation are to be emailed directly to Iram Hasan (iram.hasan@ucb.com) for the GRA fellowship or Catherine Wilputtee (catherine.wilputte@ucb.com) for the PS fellowship.

The application deadline is November 6, 2020.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and applicants are encouraged to submit their materials on FellowMatch accordingly.


Contact Information

Global Regulatory Affairs: 

Address your cover letter and letters of recommendation to:

Iram Hasan, PharmD
Regulatory Scientist
UCB Fellowship Program Director

For questions regarding the GRA Fellowship program, contact Iram Hasan at iram.hasan@ucb.com

Patient Safety

Address your cover letter and letters of recommendation to Catherine Wilputte

Catherine Wilputte
Head of Pharmacovigilance Excellence
UCB PS Fellowship Program Director

For questions regarding the PS Fellowship program, contact Catherine Wilputte at catherine.wilputte@ucb.com