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U.S. Public Policy Inspired by Patients: Affordable Access

Promoting affordable access to care for patients


UCB is committed to promoting affordable access to innovative healthcare solutions. We must ensure patients have access to the most clinically appropriate therapy while providing system flexibility to pursue innovative arrangements that deliver value for patients. Evolving the healthcare system to help patients access the right treatment at the right time on their care journey without creating barriers to care and giving them the best individual experience is critical in delivering value for patients.


Ensuring patients have access to a range of affordable health plan options that meet their individual needs

  • We believe patients should have access to affordable health insurance options that offer access to clinically appropriate medications. While payers need flexibility to design benefits and cost sharing to ensure affordable coverage options, payers should maximize the flow of rebates onto patients in the form of savings and other benefits.


Empowering consumers with transparent and reliable formularies and clear information on out-of-pocket costs

  • We believe patients should be provided with easy-to-understand information about their pharmacy and medical coverage, out-of-pocket costs, and potential restrictions to their care so they can make informed decisions about their care and coverage. Harmful mid-year changes to benefits should be prohibited to ensure patients can rely on the terms of the coverage contract in which they are enrolled, while flexibility across contract years and plans is important to promote competition and keep pace with innovation. Further, utilization management techniques should be transparent to both the patient and the physician and determined by individuals with relevant clinical expertise.


Protecting the provider-patient relationship, to ensure the right medicine can reach the right patient at the right time

  • We believe providers should have access to simple, easy-to-use frameworks for overriding formulary restrictions such as step therapy and prior authorization for the right patients. The responsibility of assessing whether a patient is medically stable on a treatment should be held exclusively by the provider, without influence from a health plan.


Providing assistance for patients who cannot afford needed medicines

  • We are committed to providing assistance and solutions for patients who cannot afford their medicines.