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UCB in Rare Diseases: Driven by Patient Value, Not Patient Numbers

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Working in rare diseases is different – smaller patient populations that are harder to find, harder to treat, and need a higher level of support.

At UCB, our core belief has remained solid for more than 90 years. Everyone deserves to live the best life that they can – as free as possible from the challenges and uncertainty of disease. This belief fuels our ambition to create patient value for people living with severe diseases.

Across many decades of serving people with epilepsy, UCB has worked alongside patient advocates, patient community leaders, and like-minded innovators to deliver on differentiated solutions for the rare disease community where there are unmet needs.


UCB is inspired by patients. We light up in solidarity with patients by listening to them, to not only learn more about them, but also from them, so that we can fully understand their lived experiences.  

We still continue the dialogue by asking a simple question — how do we create patient value? — because it is how we show up for patients that make up the moments that matter to them. 

When we continue to remain true to being Patient-First, we shoulder our responsibility with the drive and ambition to deliver unique solutions for people living with rare diseases. 


UCB’s journey in rare diseases began with the personal experience of a UCB scientist whose wife was living with a rare autoimmune disease. He was inspired by his wife’s experiences, and frustrated with available treatment options. He took his frustration and turned it into drive and innovation. Supported by UCB leadership, he applied his expertise to improve the care and support for those like his wife. As a continuation of that heritage, UCB has invested and worked hard over decades to prioritize innovation into developing treatments for rare diseases.



A blue box with the text Inspired by Patients Driven by Science.

People living with rare diseases may often feel forgotten, unheard or misunderstood. The challenges they face can be magnified by isolation, and they may wonder if anyone else cares about what they need. They worry their disease affects too few people for anyone to care. At UCB, we know the greatest needs can’t always be measured in numbers. We don’t just see patients or population sizes; we see people in need.

A pink box with the text Dedicated to Improving Patient Experiences and Delivering Total Outcomes

For people living with a rare disease, every day may be different. We continuously innovate to bring differentiated solutions with unique outcomes to patients, helping them achieve their own goals, create their best individual experience, and live their best possible lives.

A yellow box with the text Focused on Diseases with the Greatest Patients Needs

We are driven by our commitment to people living with rare diseases who inspire our research and development across neurology, immunology, and other areas where our expertise, innovation, and ambition align with unmet needs. 





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©2024 UCB, Inc., Smyrna, GA 30080. All rights reserved. US-DA-2400001