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At UCB, we have a fundamental commitment to enabling people living with severe diseases, their caregivers, and their families to live the lives they want. Barriers to appropriate care may materialize at many points on the patient journey – from diagnosis to decisions on optimal care, treatment affordability, and availability. Each barrier negatively impacts a person’s long-term health outcomes. UCB is committed to helping patients achieve their life goals, to create the best individual experience for them, and to ensure access for all patients who need our solutions in a way that is viable for patients, society, and UCB.  

We recognize that in healthcare systems like the U.S., different kinds of coverage and patient out-of-pocket costs may create barriers to access, and we seek to find solutions to remove those barriers for those who need our medicines. We are committed to policies that will maximize affordable access to necessary care for patients and support reforms to improve healthcare for all patients. UCB has ongoing patient assistance programs in place for our products in the U.S., including patient assistance, co-pay assistance, and free or discounted goods depending on income level. 

We are committed to ensuring that all patients have affordable, equitable access to the right medicine at the right time, regardless of age, ethnicity, geography, or economic circumstance. And, we are actively developing solutions to improve health equity as another important aspect of how we ensure those who need our medicines can access them.


When we think about access to medicines, we focus on three areas in the U.S.:


Sustainable Access and Pricing Transparency Report


Health Equity







U.S. Sustainable Access and Pricing Transparency


In 2021, our first U.S. Sustainable Access and Pricing Transparency report underscored UCB’s commitment and approach to an innovative, competitive, and value-based system that keeps patients at the center. In 2022, our annual report was also included in our Integrated Annual Report. 

This report includes:

•    How we deliver affordable access and account for value, including our pricing
•    Our actions aimed at sustainable access in the U.S. healthcare system
•    Policy reform opportunities to build a sustainable system together


UCB Voices on Value:

UCB supports a competitive, value-based system that improves sustainable, affordable, and equitable access. As healthcare systems evolve, systematic value assessments are increasingly conducted to help payers understand the effectiveness, benefits and risks, and costs associated with any medicine. Their assessment methodology drives reimbursement decisions and may lead to restrictions on access or usage of a medicine. We continued to use our Value Assessment Principles, launched in 2021, to shape our engagement, with our U.S. Voices on Value series connecting diverse stakeholders on topics like value-based contracts, sustainability, health equity, and transparency.


Health Equity

In the U.S., we are focused on ensuring that all patients who need our medicines have access to them in a way that is viable for patients, society, and UCB. We believe that identifying, understanding, and addressing inequities will improve clinical outcomes for patients and provide an enhanced healthcare journey.

Our focus areas for equitable access and care are health equity, women of childbearing age, and other underserved populations. 

We believe that every person deserves a fair and just opportunity to be healthy, and our initiatives aim to improve health outcomes and quality of care for the patients we serve. We are looking to determine the root causes of disparities leading to inequities such as bias, social determinants of health, and policies that disproportionately impact certain races, ethnicities, genders, and people of lower socio-economic standing.

In immunology, we are partnering with the dermatology community to improve health equity because we know that this impacts diagnosis and the types of treatments offered, access to those treatments, and most importantly, the patient’s quality of life. Read more.

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In neurology, we are partnering with the Black and Hispanic communities to understand barriers to care in these respective communities. Watch health equity expert Thometta Cozart discuss how stigma can affect the mental health of people living with epilepsy. 



Women of Childbearing Age

When it comes to improving the lives of women living with chronic diseases, there’s still so much work to be done. Millions of women around the world are considering starting or expanding their families, while living with a severe chronic disease. This should be one of the most joyful periods of their lives – yet limited information and evidence on the impact of continuous medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding leaves many women facing tough choices about whether, and how, to start a family. 

Women shouldn’t have to make trade-offs between controlling their disease and planning for a family. That’s why at UCB, we’re working to advance science for Women of Childbearing Age. It is our mission to empower and support women of childbearing age with severe chronic diseases to make informed decisions about their healthcare.


Underserved Populations

In immunology, we are focused on shaping the future of psoriatic arthritis care in rural settings.

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In neurology, we have collaborated with Duke University to focus on health equity for adolescents in Uganda.

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UCB is committed to the discovery, development, and delivery of differentiated solutions that provide measurable value to patients, ensuring that all patients have affordable, equitable access to the right medicine at the right time, regardless of age, ethnicity, geography, or economic circumstance. We’re focused on addressing unmet needs and creating sustainable solutions for patients and society. As such, we are dedicated to the continued evolution of a public policy environment that recognizes and rewards innovation, encourages value-based care, and promotes affordable access to medicines for patients. UCB’s patient value ambition creates the foundation of our approach to public policy, which aims to:

•    Deliver unique outcomes that help specific patients achieve their goals
•    Provide patients with the best individual experience 
•    Ensure access to all those who need these solutions in a way that is viable for patients, society, and UCB

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