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Health of the Planet


Sustainability is an important part of our business approach at UCB, and we’re dedicated to improving technology and energy efficiency within our U.S. facilities to enable us to serve patients in the most eco-friendly way possible. This means reducing our carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste production across U.S site locations. We are contributing to the health of the planet through a more sustainable model for our U.S facilities and beyond, including transitioning toward a low carbon footprint and green economy. 



Greener Workspace

To increase our overall capacity with minimal to no impact on our current energy efficiency, UCB is embracing new workplace initiatives to support its vision of a greener UCB. One of these initiatives is the Atlanta Warehouse building, opened in 2021, that features a large sustainable kitchen focused on decreasing paper and plastic consumption by incorporating reusable/washable plates, silverware and glasses, and promoting a farm-to-table approach to in-office dining. 

In building the Warehouse, nearly 92% of waste from the first phase of demolition was reused in the new building. The Warehouse also features two 8,000-gallon rainwater collection cisterns to assist in reducing our water consumption.

Sustainability efforts extend to our other U.S. sites include using recycling streams and compactors for recyclable waste, having a public transportation program in place to assist employees in reducing emissions from car travel to and from the office, and implementing reverse osmosis water usage. 

Green Energy: Reducing waste and emissions

Our Atlanta campus utilizes 100% green electricity derived from alternate power sources (solar/wind), and we recently installed 10 electric vehicle (E.V.) chargers for a total of 14 with more to follow as demand increases. We also planted trees along the Atlanta property perimeter fence line to complement reforestation goals. At our new Research Triangle Park (RTP) office, we’re installing two E.V. stations and we’re currently using composting for recycling organic matter in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint.

Green Goals


In 2015, we laid out our 2030 Green Goals to minimize our environmental footprint across business activities and operations. By 2030, our ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions and become carbon neutral, reduce our water withdrawal by 20%, and our waste generation by 25%. In 2021, we were proud to have reduced our CO2 emissions by 7% compared to 2020 as a result of the ongoing pandemic and implementing our hybrid working mode which also reduced travel and commuting. 


Atlanta Office Receives LEED Gold/WELL Platinum Certifications

On our Atlanta campus, our recently built Warehouse was awarded the prestigious LEED Gold and WELL Platinum certifications in 2022. These certifications are the premier standards for green building and enhancing people’s health and well-being through building design. At the time of the certifications, the Atlanta Warehouse was the first dually certified WELL Platinum and LEED Gold pharmaceutical project worldwide and the first WELL Platinum project in Georgia.

Our Atlanta Warehouse earned the WELL Platinum distinction based on ten categories of building performance: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, and Community. The WELL Building Standard is a performance-based certification system that marries best practices in design and construction with evidence-based scientific research.