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Psoriatic diseases represent a significant burden to patients and the healthcare system at large. For patients with Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs), the cost of care compounds with the emergence of comorbidities.

Together we can assess the psoriatic patient’s journey, promote patient-focused care practices, and implement quality measures to create meaningful change.

Resources and Quality Measures

Psoriasis Patient Journey Care Gap Map

See how we partner with both patient advocates and leaders in healthcare to understand the end-to-end patient experience.

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Quality Measures in Psoriasis

Explore the impact of quality care measures for patients with psoriatic disease.


PEST Questionnaire

Validated screening tool approved for use by the National Psoriasis Foundation.


AJMC Health Equity Website

A content platform focused on education, training, frontline perspectives, and practical application of evidence-based methodologies.

Vodcast Series

Skin in the Game: How Shared Decision Making is the Difference


Vodcast #1: Teaming Up: Defining Shared Decision Making and its Value

This vodcast explores the different types of decision-making in medicine, defines shared decision-making in the Three-Talk Model, and the science behind shared decision-making.


Vodcast #2: Getting Skinvolved Part 1

This vodcast models what shared decision-making can look like within the context of a Three-Talk Model.




Vodcast #2: Getting Skinvolved Part 2

This vodcast provides practical, tangible approaches that can be used to implement shared decision-making in clinical practice.




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