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Mar 29
Casey Stephan, U.S. Communications
UCB’s Miguel Camargo Named a 2020 We Work For Health Employee Champion

Each year We Work For Health (WWFH) names a group of select members from across the biopharmaceutical industry as Employee Champions. UCB’s Miguel Camargo was named a 2020 WWFH Employee Champion for his dedication to the industry, his teams, and patients. In 2020, champions were not only nominated for their exceptional work within the industry but also their innovative solutions and advocacy for the biopharmaceutical industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We Work For Health seeks to educate elected leaders, the news media, and the communities they serve about the important contributions these companies and their employees make to the health and economic security of individuals, local communities, states, and the nation.

Miguel’s role at UCB as the External Innovation Lead and Head of Targeted Protein Degradation Platform requires many responsibilities and solutions over multiple teams in our Boston, Massachusetts labs. As the Head of Targeted Protein Degradation Platform, Miguel leads a team of chemists, data scientists, and biologists, across the globe, discovering innovative and novel therapies. Miguel also monitors opportunities in the field that should be explored further by these scientists. 

“Drug discovery is not an easy process. It takes many years, many people, and a clear understanding of what it takes is important for us to create the right environment for us to produce life changing medication,” Miguel said. 

When communicating with state and local officials about UCB’s innovative solutions and therapies and the important work of the life sciences industry, he highlights opportunities for educational investments, support for continued innovation, and sustainability for the future. 

As a leader, Miguel encourages his team members to stay up to date on public policy to ensure his employees are up to date with industry activities beyond R&D. Looking ahead, he believes the pandemic has brought awareness to the benefits and importance of the biopharmaceutical industry and will lead to more opportunities than ever.

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