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Sep 28
Jessie Kim, Global Regulatory CMC Scientist at UCB
Employee Spotlight: Jessie Kim's Journey as a Global Regulatory Fellow

When we think about our purpose, people, and science – our people are a core component of how we deliver moments that matter for people living with severe diseases. At UCB, our people bring their whole selves to work enriching our environment with unique perspectives and experiences. How our people engage with each other and with society beyond UCB makes them better colleagues and employees. We’re pleased to spotlight some of our incredible employees. Read more from UCB employee Jessie Kim, who shares reflections on her UCB PharmD fellowship experience. 

It seems like only yesterday when I embarked on my remarkable journey as a Global Regulatory Affairs (GRA) fellow at UCB. Time has swiftly passed, brimming with excitement, growth, and invaluable experiences. From the very beginning, I recognized that this esteemed fellowship program was an ideal fit for me, offering unique opportunities to rotate through various sub-functional areas of GRA, shaping me into a confident and well-rounded professional. Guided by the unwavering support of my exceptional colleagues at UCB, I have now transitioned into my new role as a GRA-CMC scientist, prompting me to reflect on the profound impact this fellowship has had on my professional growth. Join me as I share the transformative narrative of my journey.

The UCB fellowship program boasts distinctive advantages that set it apart from entering the industry directly. Over the course of two years, fellows are granted extraordinary autonomy to learn and spearhead major projects, expediting their skill development and fostering invaluable networking opportunities within the industry. Notably, the program's condensed timeframe enables fellows to amass high-quality work experience in a remarkably efficient manner, a feat that typically takes much longer. This rapid growth propels fellows into the realm of exceptional candidates for future opportunities at UCB.

Another noteworthy aspect of the UCB fellowship program lies in its personalized approach. Projects and rotations are tailored meticulously to align with fellows' passions and interests in specific disease states and products, ensuring their unwavering engagement and motivation to explore their chosen domains enthusiastically.

As a GRA fellow, I have borne witness to the substantial enhancement of my technical prowess and knowledge. The fellowship program has not only honed my technical abilities but has also sharpened vital soft skills such as communication, leadership, writing, and public speaking. Of paramount importance is the cultivation of influential leadership skills. As a regulatory scientist, I have acquired the art of effectively bridging various functional areas, consolidating information, and fostering a spirit of collaboration. My esteemed preceptors have served as inspirational role models, leading not only from the forefront but also from behind, cherishing diverse perspectives and nurturing sound decision making.

Equipped with the invaluable tools and experiences garnered through the UCB fellowship program, I am confident in my ability to excel in my new role as a GRA-CMC scientist. The benefits of this esteemed fellowship extend far beyond the two-year timeframe, shaping my professional growth for years to come. 


The UCB PharmD Fellowship Program is now accepting applications for the 2024-2026 cycle. The deadline to apply is October 27, 2023. Learn more here.

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