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Nov 17
Employee Spotlight: Stephen Mayclin’s Impact as a Working for Cures Champion and R&D Advocate

When we think about our purpose, people, and science – our people are a core component of how we deliver moments that matter for people living with severe diseases. At UCB, our people bring their whole selves to work enriching our environment with unique perspectives and experiences. How our people engage with each other and with society beyond UCB makes them better colleagues and employees. We’re pleased to spotlight some of our incredible employees. 

Stephen Mayclin's passion for serving patients goes beyond his work as a Crystallography Lead supporting UCB's drug discovery programs. He also serves as an advocate through PhRMA’s We Work For Health program campaign raising awareness about the importance of investing in R&D. Learn more about Stephen's work in our latest employee spotlight.

Stephen completed his Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from New York University and began his career at UCB in 2015 working on protein crystallization and X-ray diffraction. He produces high-quality structures supporting the development of new chemical and biological therapies. During his tenure, he's developed a passion for advocacy with the goal to be a voice for the researchers and scientists who spend their careers helping others who are living with severe diseases. He leads lab site visits and has participated in researcher fly-ins in Olympia, Washington, and in Washington, D.C allowing him to speak with congressional representatives to inform them about the challenges in developing new medications. He is driven by the opportunity to share his perspective on why it is crucial to start as many projects as possible to find the few that go on to become life-changing medications and treatments.

Stephen recently participated in the We Work For Health “Science Works” Campaign. Through this initiative, he has been able to share his work in a public-facing capacity and has developed an appreciation for the campaign's effort to humanize science by having scientists be seen and improve the public's relationship with science. Check out his highlight video here. In 2022, Stephen was recognized as one of the 12 Working for Cures Champions. The award highlighted his work in producing high-quality structures to support the development of new therapies and his passion for advocacy. His Champion highlight video can be found here

Outside of his work with the Crystallography lab and advocacy, Stephen is an avid cyclist and enjoys taking in the stunning nature around Seattle. Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula is his favorite ride so far with a path that begins at sea level and concludes on a mountain with an elevation of 5280 feet and a view of Canada. He spends eight to ten hours a week cycling in groups or solo, delighting in the challenge of besting his personal records.

We’re proud to have employees like Stephen who bring unique perspectives and passion to both their work and communities to make a difference in the lives of people living with severe diseases.