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Reflecting on Important Lessons from 2020. Looking Towards 2021 with Hope.

2020 tested many long-held beliefs and practices of how we work, how we think about our health, and how we help others. Read more from UCB's Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Executive Committee, Jean-Christophe Tellier, as he reflects on the lessons learned and our work to improve the lives of patients now and to create a healthier future.



Spotlight on Boston: UCB’s Investment in a Growing R&D Hub Furthers Our Ability to Deliver Patient Value

While the Boston R&D Hub is relatively young compared to the nearly century-long history of UCB, it represents a continuation and extension of the UCB legacy and our Patient Value Strategy. Read from UCB's Dr. Roger Palframan, Head of External Innovation & U.S. Discovery, on UCB's expanding presence in Boston, Massachusetts and our growing team of talented researchers focused on developing next-generation therapies.



Women in Leadership Expands Connection Beyond Location, Position, and Gender

At UCB, we work to foster an inclusive and open environment within our company culture and are continually creating new opportunities for colleagues to foster diverse connections and advance themselves both professionally and personally. Read more about our employee resource group, Women in Leadership (WiL), which exemplifies this passion through its consistent encouragement and promotion of diversity across different functional areas and teams within UCB. 



New Digital Treatment Tracker for People Living with Epilepsy

During Epilepsy Awareness Month, as part of our commitment to providing solutions that positively impact the lives of patients with neurological conditions, we enthusiastically announce a new initiative with Medisafe – the leading integrated medication management platform, personalized to engage patients and deliver outcomes.  



Even with Tragedy, There is Hope: The Powerful Love of a Caregiver

This National Family Caregivers Month, we honor and thank the many caregivers that selflessly care for their loved ones each day. Kristi Lengyel, UCB’s Head of Healthcare System Strategy, knows firsthand the burden many caregivers feel when a loved one experiences a life or death situation. Read her story. 



UCB Unleashes the Power of Data in New Collaboration

UCB and Stanford Medicine have established a multi-year collaboration to enhance patient value for people living with severe diseases.



Michele’s Story: Living with Tonic-Clonic Seizures

Michele has lived with tonic-clonic seizures since the age of 28 when she experienced her first seizure while swimming in a pool. This Epilepsy Awareness Month, read about her journey to seizure freedom. 



Hiring Our Heroes: UCB’s Commitment to Veterans in the Workplace

This Veterans Day, UCB is proud to highlight three of our veterans as they share their transition from the military to the civilian workforce, and what it means to be a veteran at UCB.



UCB BEING: Bridging the Gaps for Black Employees

Read about UCB's BEING (Black Employee Interconnecting Network Group) - a new employee resource group founded to create and sustain an environment within UCB that will support recruitment, retention, engagement and professional development, and advancement for Black employees. 



Recognizing Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis Patients

As we join the rheumatology community at ACR Convergence 2020, Head of U.S. Medical Immunology, Dr. Jeff Stark, shares the importance of a new diagnostic code for nr-axSpA in helping to improve the patient journey and to lead to more innovation. Read more.