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Understanding Patients in the Workplace

At UCB, we approach clinical studies by engaging patients to understand what is most important to them. Our Medical Writing Specialist, Joy Avery, is able to tap into her experience as a patient herself in order to help UCB focus on what patients value. Read more from Joy about why she puts patients at the heart of everything she does.



Patients Put their Trust in New Drug Discoveries

At UCB, it’s about the patient and doing what the patient values, which we believe is having their best life possible. Our Senior Director, External Innovation Lead, Dr. Miguel Camargo came to UCB because he felt we were was serious about that mission and that he could make an impact through discovering medicine. Read more from Dr. Camargo about why he puts patients at the heart of everything he does.



Announcing the 2019 UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Winners and the Addition of 6 New Scholarships

UCB is pleased to announce 38 recipients were awarded the 2019 UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship. This year’s UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship program includes six additional awards. We awarded a $10,000 Joe D’Souza Memorial Scholarship along with five additional $5,000 scholarships for 2019.



A Gift that Keeps Me Running at More than 100%

At UCB, we go beyond just treating a person or their symptoms, it’s about seeing the person as a whole – from their emotional to physical well-being – and finding solutions that improve their care and overall quality of life. Read more from our VP of U.S. Corporate Affairs, Patty Fritz, about why she puts patients are at the heart of everything she does.



Patients at the Heart

We’re proud our employees are as diverse as the patients we serve – from what drives them each day to their own personal experiences that shape who they are. At UCB, we believe by encouraging our employees to channel their energy, passions, and different perspectives, we can better understand and rethink how we innovate and deliver impactful solutions patients value. Join us as we begin a 5-part series showcasing what drives UCB employees to put patients at the heart of everything they do.