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UCB Welcomes Second Class of Virtual Interns

Tomorrow is National Intern Day 2021! We are pleased to continue our mission of investing in the next generation of the workforce by welcoming 32 student interns to our second virtual internship program.



Voices on Value: UCB’s Commitment to Transforming Access Through Value-Based Contracts

As our health care system shifts from volume- to value-based reimbursement, industry participation in value-based contracts (VBCs) is helping drive this transformation. Read more from Head of Rare Disease Access Strategy, Kelly Guntrum, on how UCB is transforming access through value-based contracts.



UCB’s 90+ Year History – Then, Now, and In the Future

UCB’s history is backed by 90+ years of innovation, transformation, and passion. These qualities include the decades of expertise in science utilized by UCB. Read more about the history of UCB then, now, and in the future.