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Spencer’s Story: What to Know About Seizure Clusters

At just one day old, Spencer, born in Greenville, South Carolina, had his first seizure, a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain that usually causes a change in behavior.1,2



Press Release: UCB Announces availability of NAYZILAM® (midazolam) Nasal Spray CIV, the first and only nasal rescue treatment for seizure clusters in the U.S.

• NAYZILAM will be available in retail pharmacies on December 2, 2019
• Copay support and a patient assistance program will be provided by UCB for eligible NAYZILAM patients*



Disease Spotlight: Seizure Clusters

At UCB, we keep patients at the center - inspiring us, driving our scientific discovery, and leading us to rethink the patient experience. We have a rich heritage in epilepsy, and today, we’re shining a spotlight on seizure clusters, which can affect people with uncontrolled epilepsy, to help spread awareness.