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Using Data and Technology to Enable Better Patient Care

UCB has been rapidly investing in our digital business transformation to unleash the power of digital innovation to help achieve better outcomes for patients, faster.



Partnering for Greater Impact with Microsoft in R&D

At UCB, our aim is to amplify the power of scientific innovation through digital transformation, ensuring we deliver the best individual experience so patients can live their best lives. As part of that effort, we are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) across the research and development organization to bring accelerated solutions to patients with unmet needs. 



Unleashing the Power of Digital Solutions in Epilepsy Care

UCB’s Head of Digital Business Transformation, Colin Lake speaks to the current landscape in digital business transformation and neurology.



Paving a Way Forward through Digital Business Transformation

Through UCB’s Digital Business Transformation, we are committed to unleashing the power of digital innovation and enabling solutions that allow patients to live the lives they choose, now and in the future. 



The Art of Being Data-Enabled: UCB’s Approach to Delivering Innovative Patient Solutions



Connecting Data Insights to Patient Impacts: Imagining the Future of UCB’s Digital Business Transformation (DBT)

Kim Moran, UCB’s U.S. Head of Insights to Impact, is dedicated to UCB’s overall mission of creating value for people living with severe diseases. With an extensive knowledge of data and science, gained during her 14 years at UCB, Kim has put her ability to glean insights from available data to develop solutions that seek to improve the lives of people living with severe diseases.



UCB Engages Physicians to Meet Patients' Needs

Our recent launch of dynamic targeting in the U.S. is providing UCB a better grasp of physician needs, which can lead to better healthcare outcomes. This is a key building block in UCB’s digital transformation journey providing a proven blueprint and lessons learned to continue innovating now and in the future. This initiative was recognized as the Most Valuable Data and Insights Initiative at the Reuters Pharma Awards USA 2020. Read how UCB has improved efficiencies for our teams and helped evolve the field experience. The article was originally published by ZS.



Hackathon Brings Together Diverse Talents for Digital Innovation

As part of our Digital Business Transformation, UCB teams participated in a hackathon to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical study design and data analysis, ultimately a win for the patients we serve. Winners to be announced soon.



Embracing Digital Business Transformation to Accelerate Tailored Solutions for Patients

In a world where digital technology is significantly changing the way patients experience their care, UCB recognized the need for rapid integration of digital innovation into all aspects of business. Read from Emmanuel Caeymaex, Executive Vice President, Immunology Solutions and Head of U.S., on how UCB quickly adapted to the needs of patients and the ever-changing environment by embracing a digital business transformation.



UCB Unleashes the Power of Data in New Collaboration

UCB and Stanford Medicine have established a multi-year collaboration to enhance patient value for people living with severe diseases.