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Prioritizing Employee Mental Wellness in the Workplace and at Home with Action

As we each continue to adapt to the changes, challenges, and opportunities of the past year, we aim to foster a working environment where our employees are happy, healthy, and thriving. To do this, UCB prioritizes enabling the right conditions – in the workplace or at home – for our colleagues to be their best selves. This Mental Health Awareness Month, learn how we’re putting the mental wellness of our colleagues, their families, and patients at the center of our focus.



Earth Day: Supporting the Health of the Planet

Sustainability is our business approach at UCB. Our goal is to contribute to the transition toward a low-carbon and green economy to protect the planet by developing and producing medicines for people with severe diseases in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. This means reducing our carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste production across the company. This Earth Day, we are highlighting how we’ve progressed in our goal to reduce our local and global environmental impact by 2030, despite the unprecedented events of 2020.



Reimagining UCB’s U.S. Headquarters to Deliver More Value for Employees, the Healthcare Ecosystem, and the Greater Atlanta Community

At UCB, we know that fostering a strong employee culture and a rewarding work environment is critical to continuing to innovate for patients living with severe immunological and neurological conditions. Over the past year, the future of where and how we work and collaborate has been put to the test by COVID-19. Read more from Head of U.S. Corporate Affairs, Patty Fritz, on how UCB is reimagining the workplace at our U.S. Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.



Sustainability As Our Business Approach

Last week, UCB released our Integrated Annual Report. 2020 was an exceptional year influenced by exceptional circumstances. Read how we are leveraging our expertise to integrate sustainability into our business approach and improve societal health.