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Mar 20
Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
Championing STEM Education for Tomorrow’s Discoveries

At UCB, we are inspired by patients and driven by science to deliver what patients value. We are committed to continuously working to advance science and embrace new knowledge — leading to the discovery of new solutions that help patients achieve their goals.

As part this commitment, we believe it is important to support STEM education in our local communities to help advance the next generation of scientists who will dedicate their careers to finding solutions for patients living with severe disease. This year, UCB is pleased to support several STEM initiatives across Atlanta:  


  • Atlanta Science Festival (March 23, 2019, Piedmont Park) – We invite you to visit our booth at the Expo, “Walking in a Patient’s Shoes,” which focuses on the burden of fragility fractures and will help visitors see the world through the eyes of individuals who may have osteoporosis or have suffered a fragility fracture to feel what they feel, see what they see, and experience things as they do. In addition, we’ll be hosting some of the Georgia Chief Science Officers, middle and high school students, in the Science Festival’s STEM leadership program (also supported by UCB), at our booth during the event.
  • Georgia Chief Science Officers (CSO) is a STEM leadership development program for middle and high school students from school districts across Atlanta. Through the program, students learn skills in communication, advocacy, and leadership to lead STEM initiatives within their communities and schools.  
  • The Georgia Bio Ed Institute works to strengthen Georgia’s life sciences workforce pipeline through classroom-to-career initiatives in an effort to elevate Georgia to be a leader in life sciences innovation.

The future of science has never been brighter and new solutions to meet the unmet needs of patients are on the horizon. We look forward to continuing to play our part in supporting the next generation of scientists so one day they can help further scientific understanding and uncover new discoveries.

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