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Oct 12
Casey Stephan, U.S. Communications
Curiosity and Engagement are Key, Not Gender: Women & Diversity in Science with Yuan Wang

When Yuan Wang entered her field study classes in college, less than one-fourth of her surrounding classmates were women. At this point, Yuan had changed her major from computer science to data science and began working on a project aiming to discover therapeutic molecules. 

“I had discovered that while I was skilled at coding, I constantly wondered “What good can this bring?” “What can this be applied to?” I wanted to take that knowledge and apply it to other science, which is how I discovered my passion for being a data scientist,” she said. 

But Yuan not only discovered her career-path during this time, she also realized some of the advantages she could bring to the field of science as a woman. By encouraging herself to speak up and use her soft-side to bring others together in the field, she realized that to be a successful scientist, curiosity and engagement were key- not gender. 

Today, Yuan is a Senior Principal Scientist in UCB Bedford analyzing data to gain biological insights and developing novel methods of application for therapies. She encourages everyone on her team to stay open-minded and promotes the importance of diversity in collaboration.  

“In this industry there are many different skillsets people bring. We analyze data, create models, and collaborate with others all while exchanging ideas. When we do this we not only uncover novel learnings from each other, but gain a larger understanding of each other’s talents and expertise which enables further collaboration,” she said. 

In addition, Yuan encourages all women to discover the many ways they are important and successful in any field. She motivates others to “be inspired each day by yourself and your colleagues”.
Just as Yuan, UCB prioritizes diversity and inclusion in all fields, encourages colleagues to recognize the importance diversity holds both in research and in society. 

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