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May 01
Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
UCB’s Dr. Luiz Miguel Camargo, Dedicated to Finding Cures

Luiz Miguel Camargo, Ph.D., UCB’s Director of Innovation Networks, was featured in an interview as part of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) #GOBOLDLY campaign talking about his work and dedication to advancing science to find solutions. 

At UCB, we continuously work to advance science and embrace new knowledge with a goal to discover unique outcomes that will meet the unmet needs of patients. To support this goal, Dr. Camargo helps identify tools that researchers use to discover transformative medicines that allow patients to live their best lives. Focused in the fields of neurology and immunology, Dr. Camargo enables UCB to take advantage of new developments in the field, including gene editing, analytics, microbiome, and targeted protein degradation technologies. 

From childhood to parenthood, Dr. Camargo, like many researchers, is driven by his personal experiences. Growing up in Brazil, he was drawn to a career as a biopharmaceutical researcher by the idea that he could help produce medicines to treat infectious diseases – a widespread problem in places like his native country. Now as both a researcher and a parent, he works passionately each day to help solve medicine’s toughest problems and to discover cures that can better the quality of life for patients, like his son who suffers from severe food allergies. Looking forward, Dr. Camargo is inspired by the advances in treatment and technologies that can provide unique value to patients. He notes, “Disease is something that we all live with one way or another, either hidden or explicit. The potential to affect that many people is why I am in this business.”

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