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Mar 05
Casey Stephan, U.S. Communications
Employee Appreciation Day: Supporting Employees to Be their Authentic Self

Behind every solution delivered to the patients we serve is a dedicated employee who applies their unique talents and expertise in the work they do daily. At UCB, we understand delivering value for patients begins with showing employees they are valued and empowering them to bring their full self to the workplace. This Employee Appreciation Day, we’re recognizing UCB employees for who they are and what they do to positively impact the lives of the patients we serve and their communities.

Read more from Kassandra Watson, Contracts Coordinator for Strategic Clinical Partnering, and Chris Bess, Ethics & Compliance Neurology Lead, whose shared experiences as a UCB employee allowed them to use their individual talents to perform at their best.

With a background in communications, Kassandra did not envision her career journey leading to her administrative position in clinical research in 1999, which would open the door for more opportunities as an employee at UCB five years later. Similarly, Chris began his career in pediatric nursing and did not consider the opportunities available for nurses within the biopharmaceutical industry prior to joining UCB in 2003. In his time at UCB, Chris has been able to apply his expertise to a variety of roles, including a management position, leading our ucbCares team, working in medical information, and now within the compliance department.

Though they bring different experiences and backgrounds to UCB, both Chris and Kassandra agree the reason they continue to enjoy being a part of UCB is the feeling of being valued for who they are as an employee by their colleagues and leadership.

“I love my job because the leadership at UCB is so employee-focused. I have always felt that I was viewed as important at work, whether it be by making an effort to check in on me, learn about my personal passions, or help me to improve myself both professionally and personally,” Kassandra said.

During her time at UCB, Kassandra has been encouraged to integrate her personal passions into her career by engaging in new opportunities within her department, such as her involvement in UCB Toastmasters. When she isn’t working to serve patients, Kassandra is also deeply involved in her local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and had the opportunity to introduce a summer STEM program at UCB after being encouraged to do so by leadership.

“The leadership at UCB sees my potential and understand they excel when their people excel. Everyone is always so intentional in identifying each person’s individual talents and wants to support them in achieving their goals. It makes me proud to work at a socially aware and employee-centered company,” Chris said.

The emphasis on community and connection between employees and leadership has always been important to UCB’s culture. In his time at UCB, Chris shared that he has felt supported to find his passion and give back outside of his work at UCB. He has been encouraged to volunteer through UCB’s employee volunteer program, lead meetings, and receive professional career coaching, which has resulted in promotions and internal recognition.

At UCB, we understand enabling our Patient Value Strategy means embracing diverse talents and equipping employees with what they need to perform at their best. This Employee Appreciation Day and every day, we strive to value our employees for their authentic differences and hope to continue to empower them to grow, learn, and achieve their desired goals both in and outside of UCB.




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