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Oct 29
Camille Lee, Head of U.S. Immunology
Looking to The Future: How UCB is Supporting Dermatology Patients Now and Tomorrow

COVID-19 has hit the dermatology specialty especially hard, with practices seeing a significant decline in patients, as well as fewer new patients beginning treatment. Despite this overall downward trend, we are seeing positive signs that patients are returning to dermatology practices once again as communities and practices across the U.S. navigate the ongoing pandemic. Amidst this transition, UCB will remain a reliable partner to HCPs and patients—a resource that dermatology community members can rely on. Throughout the pandemic, UCB has made ongoing adjustments to our patient assistance and educational programs to ensure continued access for patients who are prescribed our medications. 

One of the most notable shifts for dermatology providers and their patients has been the transition to virtual care with the surge in telemedicine. While telemedicine isn’t always ideal and we know many dermatology healthcare providers prefer to see patients face to face, we recognize that telemedicine has an important role to play – and patients will continue seeking virtual care post-pandemic. UCB is listening and adapting our digital offerings and support resources to help patients and providers shift to this virtual service model. 

UCB has been making investments in our digital business transformation for some time, and we are confident we’ve made the right ones to meet this moment. For example, investments in our clinical trial infrastructure have helped us adapt quickly to these new challenges. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued delivering investigational treatment for patients by transitioning our clinical trials to a virtual format and implementing remote site monitoring. 

Notably, the pandemic also inspired a new spirit of collaboration across the healthcare industry, as we have shared best practices, new learnings and innovative tools with each other to meet the needs of patients during this challenging time. We believe continued interaction between stakeholders is vital because even virtually, it’s important to stay current with the latest clinical practices and new potential therapies emerging in the market to advance the quality of patient care. UCB remains committed to collaborating with the medical community to share clinical knowledge and provide educational resources to help ensure optimal patient outcomes.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is a generational challenge, it is also an opportunity to not only re-think how we engage with each other, but hopefully engage in more meaningful ways. I am confident we will emerge with stronger relationships, advancements in clinical research and development, and ultimately better treatment access and outcomes for patients.

About the Author

Camille Lee is Head of U.S. Immunology.  Leading the immunology business in the U.S., Camille is committed to transforming our business to deliver maximum value to patients living with autoimmune and inflammation-related diseases in the United States. Read more

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