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Oct 21
Casey Stephan, U.S. Communications
New approaches to STEM support during COVID-19

UCB is committed to investing in STEM education across the U.S. because we recognize the important role of the biopharmaceutical industry to inspire and develop a sustainable and diverse STEM workforce now and in the future. With this, we also know there are many challenges teachers and students may face when developing STEM programs, especially during a pandemic. As such, UCB has looked for different approaches to expand our investment to better support them. 

Most recently, our team in UCB’s Raleigh, North Carolina office seized an opportunity to support STEM classrooms in our local community by donating extra office supplies to teachers preparing to return to in-person classes. With many UCB employees working remotely and as a part of UCB’s ongoing commitment to evolving our ways of working to be more green, various unused school and teaching supplies, such as binders, staplers, sticky notes, and paper, were collected to be given to the local teachers. UCB invited teachers across the area to visit our office to pick out and take home any supplies they needed. The supplies were warmly welcomed, as many local teachers did not receive anticipated donations at the beginning of the school year per usual. June Blackwell, a math teacher at Sanderson High School, was so excited about this event, she shared, “This is like ‘Teacher Christmas!’ Thank you.” So far, more than 40 boxes and four shopping carts were filled to go to more than 15 schools across our community. 

This event is one of many ways UCB has supported STEM education across the U.S., including projects, events, summer educational programs, STEM-specific museum programs, scholarships for STEM students, science fairs, and STEM-related competitions. Learn more about UCB’s activities and those of companies across the industry in the new PhRMA report, “The Biopharmaceutical Industry’s Sustained Commitment to Inspiring and Advancing Tomorrow’s STEM Workforce.” With every activity we support, the goal remains the same: to advance STEM education over a wide range of geographic regions, subject areas, and points of emphasis to enable a future generation of scientists who will develop solutions for patients with severe diseases.

“STEM programs, like the Biotech Immersion Program, SummerSTEM, and local science festivals, are key aspects of developing future generations of scientists and innovators through knowledge sharing and resources for both students and educators. UCB is proud to support continuing STEM education in the communities where we live and work,” said Patty Fritz, Vice President, U.S Corporate Affairs. 

At UCB, we are proud to continually support new STEM education initiatives across our communities. We believe by doing our part to enable greater STEM education, more solutions are on the horizon for patients.


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