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Sep 27
Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications & Public Affairs
Patients at the Heart Now and in the Future

Over the last few weeks, we’ve showcased what drives UCB employees to put patients at the heart of everything they do. We believe our future at UCB has never been brighter thanks to the passionate team of UCB employees who dedicate themselves to delivering what patients value each day.

With a growing team of approximately 1,300 employees across the U.S., we continue to blaze a path to unlock a healthier tomorrow. Each of us have a unique story, but for many, our inspiration stems from the personal experiences we’ve had seeing how science can translate into solutions that help people live their best lives.

Whether that’s in the life of a patient…

“A few months ago, I had an opportunity to talk with a mother whose daughter lives with epilepsy. Her teenage daughter has faced all kinds of issues beyond the disease itself including living with stigma, bullying, fear, anxiety, driving issues, friend issues, etc.  It was really hard to listen to her story and my heart ached for her.  At the end of the conversation we began talking about all of the things that UCB does to help patients live better lives - things beyond providing the medication. I had known all along that I worked for the right company, but at this moment in time, in front of this mother, this belief was confirmed.” – Pam Eads, Population Heath Partner, Go-to-Market West

Their care support networks…

“I’ve been fortunate to grow with UCB over the last 30 years, and I’ve stuck around because of our strong commitment to patients. I have had numerous experiences working with doctors where the work we’re doing here is making a difference in the lives of their patients. Being a part of that work motivates me to go to work each day.”  – Mark Bersano, Executive Provider Liaison

Or even in our own lives as patients and UCB employees…

“The day I received not one but two diagnoses, I was beside myself. In that moment, my life changed as I became a patient with two chronic diseases. As I regained perspective, I was able to reflect on how this dual-reality is such a blessing.  As a person now living with two autoimmune diseases, I get firsthand experience as a patient. As a UCB employee, I have the opportunity to offer direct insight to my team and in my work because of this experience.” – Beth Manning, Patient Engagement Manager

“Living with a severe disease controlled so many aspects of my life – no shorts, no short sleeves, cracked skin, constant itching and scratching. I see myself in the patients we serve and the impact that our solutions can have on unmet needs. A single medical breakthrough that worked for me changed my life, and I’m driven to help other patients experience this too.” – Craig Johnson, Clinical Program Coordinator

We believe these different sources of inspiration offer new perspectives and helps us create the culture of care that we live every day at UCB. This culture is critical because it is key to how we build and sustain teams that are motivated to continue to deliver value to the patients who count on us.

 “The people I get to work with have kept me here for 20 years – my managers, teammates, and the patients we’re ultimately trying to serve. UCB is like a family and it’s so important to have a great team surrounding you. When you work here, you’re not just a number, and we all share a similar passion to help patients.” – Angela Hoffman, Executive Immunology Clinical Specialist

“Although my role in facilities doesn’t directly involve working with patients, I feel my purpose at UCB is to do everything I can to be proactive, efficient, and effective so my colleagues who are on the frontlines working with patients can do so seamlessly. I take pride in knowing the things I can control – from big to small – are supported within my remit so that patients at the end of the day can benefit from UCB’s ongoing mission.” – Garry Gaspard, Facilities Manager, U.S.

Just like we are inspired by patients, we are also inspired by our employees. Our employees enable us to live our Patient Value Strategy each day, no matter where they sit in the organization. By fulfilling our commitment to keeping patients at the heart of everything we do, driving innovation, and providing patients a meaningful experience, we know even more solutions are on the horizon. As long as there are unmet needs, our mission continues to better the lives of patients now and in the future – together.

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