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Feb 25
Allyson Funk, Head of U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
Rare Disease Day: Seeing People in Need

At UCB, we don’t just see patients or population sizes, we see people in need. Through decades of serving patients in neurology and immunology communities, we have improved lives with impactful solutions and by enhancing the social and emotional well-being of patients. We are dedicated to finding unique solutions for diseases with a high degree of patient need, regardless of the size of the population – it is the needs of patients that directs our discovery efforts.

This Rare Disease Week, we continue to raise awareness about the need for continued innovation and development for rare diseases and share our commitment to the rare disease community. Our mission is to extend value by providing easier access to treatments and supporting patients in overcoming the burdens of their disease to allow them to live their best lives. UCB’s work spans a number of rare conditions, including myasthenia gravis (MG) and immune-thrombocytopenia (ITP).

Mike Davis, Head of U.S. Neurology at UCB, shared some of his perspective on the motivation to find solutions for patients living with rare diseases like MG. 

“I’m passionate about providing support and medicines to people living with rare disease because like many debilitating conditions, it’s personal, and has also affected our UCB family. When I hear stories from people living with uncontrolled Myasthenia Gravis, similar to stories I’ve heard from people living with uncontrolled epilepsy, it reminds me why we fight every day to tackle these diseases so that patients can live the lives they choose.”

Learn more about some of the rare diseases where UCB is focused on making a difference in the lives of patients:

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