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Jul 27
Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
Resources for Traveling with a Chronic Illness

At UCB, we strive to support patients to live their best lives possible, and we know getting time away from home for summer vacation or other travel needs is part of life. Whether you live with a chronic illness, are a caregiver for someone who lives with a chronic illness, or not - traveling can be stressful. However, for many people living with a chronic illness, special considerations are needed during travel, and it can be particularly challenging when you must travel with medicines. Fortunately, with a little planning, you can decrease the hassle, reduce your stress, and enjoy your trip. 

This summer and throughout the year, our UCBCares team is available as a resource to support you if you have questions about your medicines before or during your travel. In addition, EpilepsyAdvocate is featuring a special coverage section on traveling with a chronic illness, including a first-person account from advocate, Alan, for advice on how he manages his epilepsy while traveling. Alan shares his personal story of spending a lot of time on the road and in the air for his job as a former IT senior level manager and the things he’s learned on the way, like being aware of your seizure triggers, communicating with those around you and avoiding stress.

For more general tips for managing a chronic illness while traveling, read EpilepsyAdvocate’s coverage and check out this helpful infographic, contributed to by 11 different advocates, for additional ways to help keep your trip fun and safe. Bon voyage!

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