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Jun 18
UCB’s Global Clinical Development in Raleigh

From discovery to development to delivery, how we do business has been transformed and redesigned around the patient’s individual experience. At UCB, patients are at the heart of everything we do, inspiring us and driving the ways in which we research, develop, and study differentiated treatments for patients. For 18 years, UCB BioSciences has been in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina and is an integral part of UCB’s mission to bring differentiated medicines to patients.

As the center of our global clinical development, the teams in RTP provide the strategy and structure for our clinical studies around the world. To date, 230 UCB colleagues call RTP home and are focused on clinical development, clinical operations, patient safety, real world evidence, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance. They work every day to design and inform studies that aim to provide the best experience for participants, investigators, and contract research organizations.

Our RTP site is a dynamic workforce that’s diversified with talented individuals who bring a vibrant work environment and vitality to the RTP biotechnical area. We are always looking at new ways to embed innovation and leverage technologies in our clinical development strategy so that UCB can continue to develop new solutions that patients value. One example is our efforts to make our clinical studies preferred by patients by partnering with organizations, like Science 37, to bring the trial to the patient through mobile technology capabilities.  Additionally, we are working together to further automate our development process by utilizing technology such as AI, wearables, and medical devices to improve data quality and accelerate timelines for delivering solutions for patients.

We believe our long-term sustainability to continue to innovate for patients depends on expanding our capabilities and expertise as well as partnering with the surrounding innovative ecosystem in North Carolina. In 2018, UCB acquired Element Genomics, a locally grown biotech based in Durham, bringing capabilities and expertise in functional genomics to UCB. This research team is helping to deepen UCB’s understanding of complex disease mechanisms to potentially develop more impactful, better targeted therapies. In addition, UCB BioSciences partners with local academic institutions, like-minded businesses, and local and state government agencies throughout North Carolina.

At UCB, we’re focused on developing new ways to serve unmet patient needs, and we’re committed to designing studies that enable us to understand how we can reach the right patients at the right time with the right solution.  By fulfilling our commitment, continuously innovating and providing patients a meaningful experience, more impactful solutions are on the horizon.

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