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Aug 18
Kelly Guntrum, Head Value Based Contracts & Innovation
UCB Engages in Patient-Centered Value-Based Contracting

UCB is committed to the discovery, development, and delivery of differentiated solutions that provide value to patients— improving their lives now and in the future. We’re focused on addressing unmet needs and creating sustainable solutions for patients and society.

Today, Highmark announced that it has entered into an outcomes-based agreement with UCB for adult patients with certain chronic inflammatory conditions. This agreement, along with its other value-based contracts (VBCs), highlight UCB’s commitment to the continued evolution of the U.S. health care system, working alongside payers, to better recognize the value medicines can bring to patients.

Like many others in the health care industry, UCB is adapting to the changing managed care landscape. Value-based contracts are an attractive alternative to traditional drug and device contracting for payers and risk-bearing providers as the industry moves from volume to value.  However, these contracts require a significant amount of data analytics. At UCB, we engage in VBCs because we believe in standing behind the clinical effectiveness of our products in the real-world. Investing in and leveraging its real-world evidence and analytic capabilities, UCB has strategically aligned on the importance of pursuing VBCs for its approved products both now and in the future.

To help improve the lives of patients, UCB seeks to engage in value-based contracts that improve patient outcomes, access and affordability. This is a cornerstone for how we evaluate VBCs and remains a strategic imperative for deciding to engage in these arrangements with UCB products. We look to engage in performance contingent structures designed to reinforce positive results for patients and deliver value to the U.S. health care system.

Though the structures of these contracts may vary since they are co-created to meet the unique needs of the patient population of a specific payer, UCB’s focus remains the same: to deliver patient-centered solutions and affordable access for patients to the right medicine at the right time. We look forward to continuing to play our part in driving more value in our health care system for patients through value-based contracting.  

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