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Mar 22
Armelle Blanchet, U.S. Talent Partner Lead
UCB Recognized as one of Atlanta’s 2021 Top Workplaces

At UCB, we believe in our people. We believe in our commitment to patients. We believe in our science and innovative solutions and the responsibility we have within our communities. While other companies may hold similar values, our unique culture and diverse talent are what makes UCB a special place to work. When I joined UCB more than four years ago, I was struck by a range of new vocabulary that made it feel like a special place. Hearing the words “helpfulness and generosity” (one of our Patient Value Principles), employee care, or authenticity (one of our leadership dimensions), made me smile as this was not language I was used to hearing in the corporate world.

This is evident when considering the following feedback an employee shared in the 2021 Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Top Workplaces survey: “UCB is a company that deeply and consistently cares about patients, communities, and employees putting people ahead of profit. UCB does not just talk about their mission, they live it every day”. And is backed up in our internal employee engagement surveys as well, where our U.S. response rate is 81%, confirming strong employee engagement and confidence in our future.

With more than 8,300 employees world-wide, UCB takes pride in our employees and partners who support our mission every day to create value for patients. We invest in employees by providing rich development and career opportunities at all levels across the organization. We desire to attract those who have a passion for learning, personal growth, and development. We value diversity, inclusion, and a growth and learning mindset, and encourage one another to learn new skills and acquire new capabilities. When I speak to candidates interested in joining UCB, I always mention that we are looking for a team member who can bring a full spectrum of talents and ideas to UCB, not just an employee who matches a job description. In return, we promise to make sure we nurture their talents to ensure they flourish in their role.

Despite the obstacles of 2020, this past year has shown us that we can work under circumstances we never imagined – being more agile, collaborative, and innovative. An event like the pandemic forces you to test the principles and values you hold closest, like transparency, respect and integrity, while reimagining ways to support both patients and employees.

One of UCB’s priorities has always been the well-being of our employees, and we aim to consider their individual needs and ambitions to enable them to be their best selves in the workplace. For example, we recently offered paid leave for those particularly impacted by COVID-19, recharge days for employees to disconnect and take a break, and practiced meeting-free Fridays to encourage time for planning for the following week. I am personally still amazed by the support and trust given by my UCB colleagues to help me juggle my own personal commitments, such as collecting my children from school.

As a result of our employee-focused initiatives, an employee shared in the survey “I love my job because I truly feel supported and able to balance my work and family life. I love the people I work with and the contribution I make every day is one that makes me feel good about what I do”. We are proud to see that our efforts in prioritizing employee well-being have left a positive impression on employees both personally and professionally.

Being a global, yet mid-sized biopharma organization, we have the scale to focus on what really matters – our people, communities, and the patients we serve. At UCB, we view one another as family, and this is apparent in everything we do daily to positively impact employees and the patients we serve. We look forward to continuing to rise above the status quo to create a work environment that empowers our current and future diverse talent.


About the Author
Armelle Blanchet is U.S. Talent Partner Lead at UCB. In this role, she leads a team of talent partners to support U.S. employees and recruitment to enable UCB’s ability to deliver maximum value to patients. Read more.

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