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Aug 05
Casey Stephan, U.S. Communications
UCB Rocks (Literally)

“They have a band!” Justin Gorman eagerly answered when his wife asked him how his interview with UCB went in May 2017. For Justin, the employee-formed band, UCB Rocks, was not just a unique feature to UCB, but also a way for him to integrate his personal love of music, his career, and his relationships with other colleagues.

“It can be hard to join a new company sometimes, and when I joined UCB I not only had a great team to work with, but I was able to meet people and develop friendships through the band,” he said.

In 2015 UCB Rocks, then known as U-Who, was formed by a small group of UCB employees to allow colleagues to connect through their talents and music. Today, UCB Rocks has grown to include nine UCB employees: Frank Folmar, Dan Myers, Justin Gorman, Andrew Baillie, Jennifer Smith, Valerie Irving, Rachel Thornton, Jon Bauer, and Kenisha Smith.

UCB Rocks plays at many UCB events, such as Family Fun Day, an on-campus family event, and Run for Their Lives 5k runs hosted on UCB campuses. Additionally, UCB Rocks has been invited to play at external events including by the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia for their annual Magnolia Run and Walk for Epilepsy.

But when they aren’t practicing for an event, the band still meets often to play together. For many members of the band, UCB Rocks is a stress relief and outlet to connect with other colleagues. Even COVID-19 has not prevented the band from meeting as they have held virtual sessions for members to practice.

Sometimes we will practice for an hour during lunch. You may have had a busy, stressful morning, but then you come down for an hour and play- your day will have instantly been turned around,” Justin said.

The band covers a variety of music including classic rock and R&B as the group prides itself on being open to introducing new music, instruments, or talents.

UCB values the many talents that each employee has to offer and encourages employees to implement these talents within UCB as these talents can enhance the experiences and connections both inside and outside UCB.

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