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Apr 23
Rhonda Peebles, Head of U.S. Dermatology
UCB Showcases Approach to Creating Patient Value in Immuno-Dermatology

When I entered into dermatology more than six years ago, I was immediately welcomed by a close-knit community of healthcare providers with a deep passion for partnering together with industry to address the needs of people living with dermatological conditions. In my current role as Head of U.S. Dermatology at UCB, I am honored to liaise with physicians, patients and my industry partners to better solve unmet needs and move forward the understanding of psoriatic conditions.

Since joining UCB, I’ve had the opportunity to leverage my training, my creativity and my passion to advance the dialogue around how we assess patient needs. When UCB began its focus in psoriatic disease years ago, while there were effective treatments on the market, the choices available were fairly limited and didn’t work for everyone. With new innovations, we’ve seen treatment options broaden dramatically. This is a testament to the work we do here at UCB – and the work of so many others in dermatology.

Unmet needs in immuno-dermatology still continue today, and UCB is committed to solving for these. We need to be thoughtful in the way we continue to innovate, requiring us to work with physicians and patients to pinpoint areas where improvements can be made.


As UCB attends American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) VMX 2021, I could not be prouder to showcase the results of the ongoing work we are doing to support people living with dermatological conditions. We will be highlighting our ongoing commitment to advancing science in immuno-dermatology for the betterment of patients. 

At UCB, we refer to our “Patient Value Strategy” as a guiding light – everything we do should create something of value to the patient. And part of that is recognizing that patient needs differ. With our presence this week at AAD, we are confident that we are honoring our commitment to creating value for patients in ways that matter.


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