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Apr 01
UCB Statement on Georgia Voting Law

As a company with its U.S. headquarters in Georgia, UCB’s head of U.S. Corporate Affairs, Patty Fritz, offered the following statement on the recently signed Georgia voting law:

“At UCB, we continue to believe we must come together as one unified country to address the critical issues facing us today and to do so in a manner that aligns with our principles of transparency, respect, and integrity. 

“We believe in respect for democratic values and the importance of free and fair elections. We encourage all employees to participate in the electoral process and provide tools and resources as well as time off to enable employees to do so regardless of where they live in the United States. We will continue to support efforts that support the integrity of democratic elections and encourage every American to exercise their right to vote. 

“We are concerned about any legislation or proposals that disenfranchise citizens and their right to vote and echo the Metro Atlanta Chamber in being ready to continue to help ensuring every Georgia voter has the ability to vote.”

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