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Jun 11
Allyson Funk, Head of U.S. Communications and Public Relations
UCB and Rebuilding Together Help Fragility Fracture Patient Stay at Home

Last month, UCB teamed up with Rebuilding Together®Silicon Valley, a non-profit organization committed to repairing homes for older Americans or people living with disabilities who are physically and financially unable to maintain safe living conditions.

UCB employees from across the country were joined by volunteers from O'Connor Hospital and other area organizations to work on Marilyn's house in San Jose, California. Age 74, Marilyn, broke her hip several years ago and suffered other fragility fractures. Finding ways to help Marilyn live independently and reduce the risk of falls at home was paramount. 

Working with O'Connor Hospital, an occupational therapist volunteer assessed Marilyn's home before the build day and recommended fixes to reduce her risk of falls and enable her to continue activities of daily living. As a result, the project list was modified so volunteers could provide maximum value to Marilyn, helping her live at home and do the things she enjoys such as volunteering in the community.
Updates to Marilyn's home included structural repairs and maintenance, including replacing steps, swapping out carpet for laminate, roof repairs, and bathroom safety updates. The joy on Marilyn's face as she explored her newly updated home was evident. 

UCB is proud to support organizations like Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley in the communities where we live and work to help people living with severe diseases live their best life.

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