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Sep 12
Allyson Funk, Head of U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
UCB and University of Washington Collaborate on Engaging Community Pharmacists to Improve Care for People Living with Epilepsy

UCB is collaborating with the University of Washington to improve care delivery for people living with epilepsy by engaging community pharmacists.

For many living with epilepsy, managing the disease can be challenging due to fragmented care and challenges accessing a specialist. Community pharmacists can often play a role in patient education, dosing accuracy, monitoring, and adherence, and this collaboration seeks to utilize that expertise in population health approaches to epilepsy care.

At UCB, we continuously innovate to find new solutions for patients, and that includes looking for new approaches to improve the patient experience. To do this we collaborate with experts in the field and look forward to marrying UCB’s deep knowledge in epilepsy with the expertise of community pharmacist leaders in Washington.

The collaboration to engage community pharmacists in epilepsy care aims to help patients get to the right support resources and treatment at the right time by marrying the expertise and proximity of community pharmacists to provide a better patient experience. Using a research-based approach, best practices will be identified, an intervention approach will be developed, and the program will be evaluated on its potential effectiveness. Learn more about the collaboration here: https://ucbusa.news/2kirDZs

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