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Jun 08
Natasha Trujillo - Ecosystem Portfolio Strategy Lead
Employee Spotlight: Natasha Trujillo’s Passion for Advocacy

When we think about our purpose, people, and science – our people are a core component of how we deliver moments that matter for people living with severe diseases. At UCB, our people bring their whole selves to work, enriching our environment with unique perspectives and experiences. How our people engage with each other and with society beyond UCB makes them better colleagues and employees. We’re pleased to spotlight some of our incredible employees.

Natasha Trujillo, Ecosystems Portfolio Strategy Lead for the Immunology Business Unit, has been with UCB for 16 years driving strategy for her Ecosystems Partners team of 16 field account managers. Together, they collaborate with large health systems to spearhead initiatives that benefit specific patient groups to raise awareness for patients, improve access to new transformative care, and enhance the patient experience. Through growing partnerships and building UCB’s reputation, Natasha’s work can affect better outcomes for different patient populations.

Early in Natasha’s career, she worked as an HIV counselor. She loved working directly with patient groups but found she wanted the ability to create a bigger impact and become an even more effective advocate for patients. 

After starting work in the pharmaceutical industry, she discovered her dream could become a possibility and started working with patient groups in El Paso, TX suffering from depression, focusing on cultural misunderstandings between the Latino population and depression. Natasha was able to educate clinicians and bring them resources to reduce the stigma and provide patients with the care they needed. Despite challenges, she felt encouraged to continue to push toward patient advocacy within the pharmaceutical industry. 

Natasha was attracted to UCB and the opportunity to work for a patient-friendly and focused organization. At UCB she can improve the lives of patients, knowing UCB’s Patient Value Strategy aligns with her core values. Natasha has built a career as an Advocate – ranging from single-state focus, to becoming a district manager covering nine states, to driving strategy throughout the entire country and has continued to be a valuable employee throughout her career at UCB.

Natasha and the team of Ecosystems Partners are a highly passionate and talented group focused on the present and future while building innovative and unique solutions to help improve the future of healthcare. Natasha takes pride in being a member of this exceptional team and values their collaborative partnerships with other core teams within the organization.

“I have found a place for myself and was given the space to be innovative and to bring value to patients beyond just one person or one patient panel. I am able to bring resources to many different clinicians so that they can bring all kinds of resources and value to all their patient populations, and I feel very motivated by that,” says Natasha Trujillo.

Natasha recently the board of RAIZ, UCB’s Hispanic Latinx Employee Resource Group, and is excited to continue making an impact at UCB for Latino communities, both internally and externally. With 5% of UCB's U.S. employee population being Latino, RAIZ hopes to increase the Latino population to bring diversity to UCB while also promoting professional development and providing the necessary resources for employees to succeed in their current roles or explore new opportunities. RAIZ’s ultimate goal is to create a space that allows the Latinx population of UCB to bring their expertise and lived experiences into marketing practices to elevate care for all the patient groups we serve. Natasha is also a member of Women in Leadership, as well as BEING, UCB's Black Employee Resource Group, which aims to bring internal expertise and experiences into the work they do to serve their external communities. 

Combined with her role in the healthcare ecosystem and as part of these resource groups internally, Natasha is excited to continue making an impact at UCB with the Latino and Black communities to promote diversity and inclusivity within the workplace and the healthcare system we serve.


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