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Mar 24
Hunter Bomba
North Carolina Academic Engagement Night - Investing in our Future through STEM

At UCB, we are committed to accelerating scientific discoveries by supporting innovation ultimately leading to the discovery of new solutions to help people capture the moments that matter. Part of this commitment is a strong foundational support for STEM education in our communities to help inspire the next generation of scientists. 

In 2014, UCB created Academic Engagement Night in North Carolina to educate local college students about opportunities in the life sciences. This year, we’re excited to be expanding Academic Engagement Night in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) by partnering with NCBIO and NCBiotech. In addition, we are pleased at the event's growth to include collaboration with North Carolina's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). If you are interested in learning more about careers across multiple areas of the life sciences as well as the Life Sciences Academic Engagement Night event, click here.

Hunter Bomba, Senior Oncology Program Manager at Cancer Targeted Technology, attended Academic Engagement Night at UCB in 2016 and shares more about this event and the impact it had on her career trajectory.

"In 2016, I was a junior biomedical engineering student still exploring career options. I knew I had a passion for problem solving, especially as it related to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, but I hadn’t yet identified a career that spoke to me. Knowing that my senior year was quickly approaching, I wanted to take advantage of every information session, networking event, and career fair offered, so when I learned of UCB’s Academic Engagement Night, it was a no-brainer for me.

"I walked in with no expectations but was very quickly impressed by the amount of time and effort that went into the event. Not only did I get to learn about UCB’s drug development efforts, but I also got an inside look at the company’s culture. Students were given the opportunity to network with each other as well as with numerous UCB employees. I was both astonished and appreciative of the number of employees that took the time to speak to the students. By the end of the night, I had learned a great deal about careers in the pharmaceutical industry and how I could combine my passions to positively benefit the lives of patients. Needless to say, attending Academic Engagement Night had a positive, lasting impact on my career. 

"A few years later in graduate school, I had the opportunity to return to UCB as a clinical product development intern. I got to meet and learn from numerous groups and my time was made exceptional by the people at UCB. They tailored my internship experience to my interests, and helped me refine my career goals. I was genuinely excited to wake up each morning because I had found a career that motivated me and worked with a team of mentors who were just as excited about the work they were doing.

"Today, I manage clinical trials, collaborate with academic and industry partners, write regulatory documents, and communicate with the FDA – all of which I was first exposed to at UCB. I am incredibly thankful for the team at UCB. To students who are exploring career options, I highly recommend branching outside of your comfort zone, because you just might be surprised by the things you learn and the people you meet."

We are proud to help inspire the next generation of scientists and the opportunity to continue Academic Engagement Night with NCBIO and NC Biotech. We are excited to meet this year’s students as they learn more about working in the life sciences. 

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