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May 17
Bianca Anderson, U.S. Communications
Prioritizing Mental Health for our People, Patients, and Purpose

Mental health is top of mind at UCB as we work to prioritize the well-being of our people and the patients we serve. A core pillar of our sustainable business approach, we understand that delivering innovative solutions for patients begins with supporting the physical, mental, and social well-being of our employees, their families, and communities, now and in the future. This Mental Health Awareness Month, learn how we’re supporting mental wellness for our people, patients, and our purpose. 

The impact of the challenges felt globally over the last two years has highlighted the need to be more proactive in addressing the individual needs of employees in the workplace. Every employee has their own personal challenges that they are navigating at home and in the office, and because of this we know there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when addressing mental health. Our goal is to create unique solutions for employees by considering their needs so we can provide the right conditions to enable them to be their best selves and thrive. 

“It is our responsibility as leaders and a business to prioritize the mental health of our people,” said Armelle Blanchet, Global Talent Partner Lead for Rare Disease and former Head of U.S. Talent. “If we want to create a different culture, we have to take off our corporate hat and walk in the shoes of the individual to better understand their needs.”

In Armelle’s experience, she believes we need to look beyond who our employees are as it relates to their roles at work and remember to also view them through the lens as parents, spouses, community leads, etc. That’s why we are consistently evaluating how we can expand our efforts to support our U.S. colleagues and implementing initiatives that prioritize their well-being. In addition to offering benefits such as our employee assistance program and 32-hours of time off to volunteer, we also introduced our partnership with Peloton this year where all U.S. employees receive free access to the Peloton app and discounted rates for Peloton bikes. We also host Peloton wellness breaks for employees to encourage health and wellness and highlight the importance of taking short breaks to stretch, reconnect, and reduce stress.

At UCB, we focus on the whole patient, and our goal has always been to know and understand the day-to-day experiences and challenges they face. We know that living with severe diseases can have a large impact on mental wellness, and our aim is to support patients and caregivers through sharing their experiences and developing innovative solutions so they can live fully in the moments that matter. 

Learn more about Tim who is living with epilepsy and shares his journey with mental health and how shifting his mindset resulted in him developing a more positive outlook on life, and caregiver Debbie, whose daughter Noel is living with epilepsy and shares the importance of epilepsy specialists referring patients to clinical therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to work on patients’ mental health challenges. 

We’re also proud to partner with Headspace, a mindfulness app that offers more than 1,000 hours of mindfulness exercises, meditation resources, and more, for our Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome patient and caregiver communities. 


In June 2020, we launched the UCB Community Health Fund focused on supporting vulnerable people facing economic and health disadvantage across the communities where UCB operates. To date, 99 organizations worldwide have received funding totaling $4.9 million for support and research projects, with $500,000 given to 10 projects across the U.S. We recently announced the funding recipients for the UCB Community Health Fund’s 2021 call for projects, focused on the needs of vulnerable young people in the wake of COVID-19. We’re proud to support three U.S.-based organizations who will receive support from the Fund for projects addressing the mental health of vulnerable young people. 

We are committed to supporting our people, patients, and communities, by prioritizing the importance of mental well-being, so that we can positively contribute to all showing up as their best self now and into the future.