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Jun 14
Helen Tarleton, U.S. Communications Lead, Employee and Community Engagement
Recognizing Ethical Leadership at UCB

A key component of UCB’s sustainability commitment now and in the future is a focus on ethical business practices. UCB believes in creating a culture where ethical principles of trust, integrity, care, transparency, and accountability are lived daily. We also want to celebrate those employees who exemplify ethical behaviors in their work.

One way we do this is through our Ethical Leadership Awards, created in 2022 to recognize U.S. employees who demonstrate the importance of ethical behavior, constantly focus on placing the patient first, lead by example with integrity and care, and always do the right thing even when it is difficult.   This Award is granted to two employees yearly, one in an office or lab-based role and one in the field. The winners are recognized along with our other top-performing field colleagues.

In its inaugural year, over 20 nominations were received by UCB employees who exemplified how they put our ethical business practices into action through a peer nomination process. This past year, nominations grew to 24, highlighting team members across the organization putting ethical leadership behaviors into practice daily in ways visible to their peers and colleagues. 

Demonstrating our commitment to ethical business practices through this recognition process allows us to amplify and elevate the importance of these behaviors in our culture. 

“For the past few years, UCB has been increasingly focused on creating an environment that drives ethical and compliant behaviors to protect our company reputation and preserve our sustainability. Recognizing and rewarding employees who are actively living those behaviors was the next step in our journey,” said Anisa Dhalla, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at UCB. “We are all accountable for living by our ethical principles and upholding our commitments daily as outlined in our Code of Conduct. This means adhering to individual commitments and making good decisions when faced with a dilemma in ambiguous situations (as demonstrated by the nominees). I’m pleased that examples of ethical behaviors were submitted from across the broad organization, indicating that these behaviors are becoming embedded in how our employees think and act.”

At UCB, sustainability is our business approach, and ethical business practices are a fundamental pillar. We’re pleased to go above and beyond to recognize our colleagues demonstrating these behaviors every day through our Ethical Leadership Awards program. 


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