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May 20
Ally Funk, U.S. Communications
Recognizing the Importance of Clinical Studies

Clinical studies are an essential part of biopharmaceutical research on the journey to discover, develop and deliver new solutions to people living with severe diseases. This Clinical Trial Awareness week, UCB thanks all of the participants in UCB studies and the dedicated researchers doing this important work. 
Learn more about clinical studies and UCB’s approach:



And hear from Kim Doggett, Head of Site Engagement and UCB’s We Work For Health Champion about some of the work she does to advance science and innovation. 
und Bytes. 


To learn more about UCB’s ongoing Clinical Studies, visit our interactive database here, and listen to a discussion on diversity in clinical trials and what UCB is doing to bridge the gaps featuring Krista Wixted, Senior Program Delivery Lead at UCB, and Juma Mohamad Harun, who lives with psoriasis, on the National Psoriasis Foundation’s podcast Psound Bytes. 

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