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Sep 11
Lauren Hoggan - U.S. Corporate Communications Intern
UCB PharmD Second-Year Fellows Share Reflections and Advice

UCB is committed to investing in the future generation of leaders. The PharmD Fellowship Program partners with the Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) to offer two-year programs where new pharmacy graduates can gain experience within the biopharmaceutical industry. Below are the experiences of three second-year fellows reflecting on their time at UCB and advice for future PharmD fellows. 

Kelly Cheung – Medical Affairs Fellow

Kelly Cheung is the inaugural Medical Affairs Fellow in her second year. She graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy in 2022. There, she became involved with her local IPhO chapter, where she gained many leadership experiences and found her passion for Medical Affairs. Her time in IPhO led her to her current position as a Co-Chief of the National Fellows Council and the Medical Affairs Fellowship at UCB. The opportunity to help shape the program alongside the program directors drew Kelly to UCB; however, the patient focus of UCB’s culture made this fellowship her top choice. 

In her fellowship, Kelly works to construct an educational campaign for her disease state of focus, which will spread awareness to medical professionals. She enjoys the challenge the campaign presents and the development of her project- and time-management skills. Kelly noted that adaptability and the ability to strategize in the face of change as other essential skills gained through this project. 

Embracing new skills has been integral to Kelly’s experience, and as such, she shared this advice for those interested in the PharmD Fellowships; “Be kind to yourself, as being a first-year fellow while being surrounded by people with years of experience can make imposture syndrome prevalent. Taking each day as it comes and working to improve by 10% each day will shock you when you realize how much you can grow in just your first year. Fellowships are meant to be a marathon – not a race!”

Kevin Darko – Global Regulatory Affairs Fellow

Kevin Darko is a second-year Global Regulatory Affairs Fellow in his second rotation and is currently rotating within Regulatory Advertising and Promotion. He came to UCB following his graduation from the Pharmacy program at the University of Tennessee. There, his professors and mentors within the industry inspired him to explore different routes to a career in Pharmaceuticals. Kevin’s passion for sciences, helping patients, and continued growth and learning attracted him to UCB. Though beyond these passions, Kevin believed the patient focus of UCB to be unique and aligned with his value of patient advocacy.

During his time here, Kevin has embraced the challenge of regulatory affairs and the collaborative problem-solving environment the field requires. His team’s ability to strategize, adapt, and stay optimistic throughout every situation has stood out to Kevin amidst the ever-changing regulatory environment. This flexibility inspired his biggest learning from his time at UCB: varied experience and perspective are crucial to success. He shared: “While it is tempting to be focused on your function, it is when each perspective comes together as a piece of the puzzle that the whole picture can be revealed.”

Kevin advises those interested in the program that while you may have a set idea of your path entering UCB, going into this experience with an open mind is one of the most important things you can do. This perspective will open you to growth, networking, and conversations you would have never had otherwise.

Osa (Osamagbe) Woghiren – Global Patient Safety Fellow

Osa Woghiren, a second-year Global Patient Safety Fellow, possesses a unique background enriched by her Nigerian cultural heritage, extensive international experiences, and diverse professional career. This exposure has allowed her to witness healthcare disparities on various continents, igniting a desire to contribute to the global space of the pharmaceutical industry. She decided to pursue fellowship training to achieve this goal.

During her research, UCB stood out due to its unwavering patient-centric approach and commitment to providing comprehensive hands-on training. UCB fulfilled her key requirements, opportunities to contribute to global initiatives, engage in patient-focused activities, and participate in diverse projects beyond conventional healthcare boundaries. She values UCB's dedication to essential aspects such as women's empowerment, sustainability, and DEI.

Osa is committed to being part of an organization that prioritizes delivering safe, high-quality pharmaceutical care worldwide. Alongside her pursuit of in-depth knowledge of Patient Safety, she seeks to understand the dynamics of cross-functional collaborations to protect patients’ health. Reflecting on her experience at UCB, Osa shares her perspective: "Every individual at UCB is genuinely invested in supporting your personal and professional growth, offering invaluable resources for your fellowship journey. The experience is truly personalized as it considers your unique aspirations and efforts." She emphasized UCB's distinct strength in seamlessly integrating her into various teams, urging fellows to proactively contribute to their teams to foster swift integration and accelerate acquiring knowledge and expertise.

The UCB PharmD Fellowship Program is now accepting applications. The deadline to apply is October 27, 2023. Learn more here.