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Jan 10
Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
Patients Propel Scientific Discovery

Patients are at the heart of everything we do, inspiring us, driving our scientific discovery, and focusing us on what patients value. At UCB, we want to help people live their best lives, whatever that means for them. So, every day, we come together to work, laser-focused, on a simple question: How will this create value for people living with severe diseases?

We know significant unmet patient needs remain, which is why we continue to innovate to unlock a healthier tomorrow. Check out a few stories that motivate us to research relentlessly and develop new solutions:

DeOnna, living with rheumatoid arthritis, doesn’t let it stop her from achieving her dreams. She shares, “I don’t think I could imagine a life without intense pain, redundant doctor visits and sleepless nights. Being restricted doesn’t always mean reaching my goals is impossible – just that I have to think of alternative routes!”

And Victor, in talking about the first time he had an epileptic seizure says, “All at once, everything happening around me started to slow down. My vision seemed to fail, my surroundings progressively darkening as if someone were dimming a light. Birdsong and other noises in the background faded, and I felt my body shift slowly to the right. I was falling. Even though I wanted to hold my body up, I couldn’t. That’s the last thing I remember.”

Finally, Alisha, who overcame the stigma of psoriasis says, “There was one dilemma—I was 90% covered with psoriasis: flaky, cracking, bleeding patches of dry itchy skin. Ashamed of my disease, I had avoided any conversation about it and concealed it at all costs. Now it was different: I was up for a personal challenge. Having spent so much of my life avoiding things that could expose my psoriasis, I yearned for normalcy.”

Patient perspectives like these motivate us to keep searching for solutions. That’s why how we do business – from discovery to development to delivery – is centered on patients and their individual experiences. We are inspired by patients and driven by science to deliver what patients value.

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