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Jul 14
Meah Osborne, U.S. Communications
UCB Community Health Fund and its Support for COR Inc.

UCB’s Community Health Fund was first launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, aims to address health disparities amongst vulnerable populations. Through the Community Health Fund, UCB can support the health of vulnerable populations in the countries where UCB is active. As a purpose-driven company, we believe supporting our communities and caring for those most in need is essential. Since its establishment, the UCB Community Health Fund has supported over 100 projects globally. Our first call for projects supported organizations and projects contributing to understanding and reducing the medium- and long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health of vulnerable young people. Our second call for projects focused on the mental health of our vulnerable youth. 

COR Inc. was an award recipient from the Community Health Fund’s second call for projects. They cater to the mental health of young people and have been able to push forward with several advancements with the support of The Fund.  

The first milestone COR, Inc. was able to make was to hire an additional full-time social worker and provide relief in the first tier of COR’s level of support. The second advancement the non-profit achieved was with their key program, CORner Store. With the Fund, this program has served an average of 40 families weekly to look at individual needs and provide food, clothing, hygiene items, and wrap-around care. In addition, COR partners have provided rent relief, legal aid, transportation, childcare need, and more with their coordination. 

There are currently approximately 57 students engaging weekly with the programs COR offers. This includes the “Power of Prevention” training, one-on-one counseling, CORner Store access and wraparound care, and/or “HUB Hangs” (after-school sessions of snacks, games, and informal sharing about what’s going on in their lives). 

A couple of students recently spoke on the support that COR has been able to provide and how it impacted their lives: 

"COR has given me a space to express myself and be able to talk about certain topics that I have avoided. They also provide food for me EVERY TIME! Compared to other organizations, COR seems to have a more positive feel. You're always welcomed with open arms and smiles".

"When I'm stressed, I know that when I come to school, I have COR. They give me reassurance and I'm always reminded that they are here for me. The best part is they always have a safe comfortable spot for me".

COR, Inc. has also coordinated with school administrators at Carver STEAM Academy and plans to host a “Notice.Talk.Act” training for instructional and administrative staff in Fall 2022. This training will allow teachers and staff to prepare better and equip themselves to identify signs of mental distress in students and effectively connect them with support services. 

UCB understands that vulnerable populations such as our youth will continue to have needs and the extent of the health and economic crisis we live through continues to be volatile. The journey to recovery will take time; however, working together will make us stronger and more resilient. 

About COR

COR Inc. has a mission to unlock the potential of underserved, trauma-impacted students by removing non-academic barriers to learning and creating a school-based community to harness the power of prevention. 

Programs they offer cater to trauma-impacted students, marginalized by poverty and race-based educational inequities. These traumas include homelessness, child maltreatment, domestic violence, and sexual assault or exploitation. These impact youth socially, psychologically, academically, socioeconomically, and physically. 

COR Inc. is unique in how its teams are located on-site, in the school. This allows them to develop meaningful and integral relationships to address and move through trauma, create protective factors, and enhance students' success.