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Nov 10
Bianca Anderson, U.S. Communications
UCB BEING: Bridging the Gaps for Black Employees

UCB is committed to creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the communities where we live and in our workplace. To bridge the internal gaps and barriers for employees of different ethnicities and backgrounds, we have established employee resource groups (ERGs) as we work to continue our mission of putting our DE&I initiatives into action. UCB BEING (Black Employee Interconnecting Network Group) is a new ERG founded to create and sustain an environment within UCB that will support recruitment, retention, engagement and professional development, and advancement for Black employees. 

“This group was birthed out of a passion for people, a need to help and support organizational gaps, and built around diversity, equity and inclusion,” says Marquis Gordon, Clinical Account Specialist Dermatology and Founder/Co-chair of UCB BEING.  
BEING’s vision is to cultivate, empower, and inspire Black individuals in the workplace by addressing social, cultural, and business matters that will assist in bridging the organizational gaps at UCB and the biopharmaceutical industry. Members will have the opportunity to network and participate in cultural events that will promote awareness for all employees. BEING will also serve as an environment where healthy dialogue and ideas around issues that affect the Black community are encouraged. 

“We are focused on continuing to move the needle forward internally in the DE&I space and are working to ensure there is equitable treatment of different ethnic and racial groups within UCB,” says Trenton Merideth, Agility Enablement Lead and Founder/Chair of UCB BEING. 
To achieve this, BEING has established four focal areas to assist in executing their overall mission and strategy to align with UCB business objectives: 

  1. Promote an inclusive environment around workplace and culture.
  2. Assist with driving the workforce and careers by providing referrals from external professional organizations to assist in recruiting and retaining diverse talent.
  3. Leverage diversity, equity, & inclusion initiatives in the local community.
  4. Provide support around the UCB business strategy.

Though BEING is uniquely designed to create an inclusive environment for Black employees to gather together, all employees from every background are encouraged to join. “We are aiming to create an environment that is inclusive and inviting for people of other ethnicities and backgrounds,” says LaKesha Brooks, Learning and Development Manager and Founder/Co-chair of UCB BEING. 

As more ERGs develop at UCB, BEING aspires to work cross-functionally with these groups with the goal of promoting educational and networking events that will unite all employees contributing to the overall company goal of one UCB. UCB is proud to continue the journey forward to implement more inclusive and diverse resources for employees that will enable us to add value to patients’ lives in the most holistic way possible. 

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