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Nov 24
Casey Stephan, U.S. Communications
Women in Leadership Expands Connection Beyond Location, Position, and Gender

At UCB, we work to foster an inclusive and open environment within our company culture and are continually creating new opportunities for colleagues to foster diverse connections and advance themselves both professionally and personally. 

One example is our employee resource group, Women in Leadership (WiL), which exemplifies this passion through its consistent encouragement and promotion of diversity across different functional areas and teams within UCB. WiL was created for UCB colleagues wanting to expand resources for development, network, and engage in a more diverse and inclusive workforce to ultimately accelerate women in leadership roles. The group not only facilitates professional connection and leadership from within UCB, but also creates opportunities for employees to connect globally.   

Throughout the year, WiL offers programs in-person and virtually to allow members to increase their visibility cross-functionally and be a voice for women in their role, location, or area of expertise, as well as learn new skills and develop professionally. Ongoing and previous events and programs include a mentorship program, a mindfulness series, book clubs, and guest speakers on various topics such as accelerating your impact and personal branding. 

“I joined WiL because I wanted to increase my connection, networking, and exposure to all other organizations across the business. We all have our assigned roles, but when we engage in this way, we all work together,” 2019-2020 co-chair of Women in Leadership, Jeanene Hamaker, said. 

The members of Women in Leadership do not simply talk about being a supportive group of professionals that is representative of all groups and teams, they embody this commitment as the group has no formal membership and is open to everyone to participate- not just women. 

“Membership is open beyond women. The men involved support and often help women network to reach those desired positions. Ultimately, this group is simply about everyone elevating women,” 2019-2020 Samantha John, co-chair of Women in Leadership, said. 

WiL also enables networking and development opportunities across the life sciences industry. Many colleagues involved in WiL also participate in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and WiL champions UCB’s annual HBA corporate membership and networking events. 

Women in Leadership provides an opportunity for women and men to assist in creating the culture UCB colleagues want – an inclusive, equitable, and diverse UCB.

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